Sunday, December 30

Jun's Bday + Help my hair!


I've been rolling in bed watching cat videos on YouTube all fucking day. I NEED A CAT NOW, CAT!!!!!! But then again I'm afraid I won't be at home often enough to accompany my cat.. and I'm an extremely stingy person so I'll probably make my cat go on a diet LOL. And I happen to be extremely lazy as well so maybe I should wait till I'm rich enough to have 5 maids to attend to me and another 2 more maids for my cat LOL /dream on.

Anyway, celebrated Jun's bday at Mist last Thursday!

Jun (white shirt) & her friends.

The weird thing is that my 'clique' here regards themselves as Crackers (for a terrible reason that shouldn't be shared in public). And my blog URL happens to be theprawncracker. My URL was decided back in 2007 though, so these two names are completely unrelated.

This photo doesn't even include all of us, the VIP area was just filled with all of us lol I left like we were at our own private party instead of a club.


My baby girlsss ♥ ♥ 
Yiva, myself, Meiting & Yokie

Anyway on a completely random note, I changed my profile picture (oh big fucking deal lol). I love my current profile picture a lot! I actually wanted to post this photo below but decided against it cos it is gay as fuck...

.... ...

So I edited another photo to bring out the colour Red and voila!



I wanna perm + shave a side of my head, like Dara's hair here but minus the brown. I intend to keep my hair black for as long as possible! 

I've been asking around a few salons and this will cost me over RM500..... cos my hair is fucking long (down to my waist? around there) and currently I like my fucking long hair so I don't feel like cutting it any shorter either hahahhaha. Hopefully I can get this hair done within RM350, is it even possible?


Comment/tweet/email/whatever me please!

Thursday, December 20

Off to Taiwan

Meiting & I last week.

Leaving for Taiwan in about 2hours but I'm not even sleeping yet at 5am lol. I am the Queen of last minute packing. See you next week, will be back on Xmas!

Friday, December 14

Post-A-Levels III

This will be my last post on my hols in Sg!

I'm gna go MIA for quite some time tmr onwards, which is why I'm so determined to churn out this post before I leave. I'm going on some tattoo roadshow from tmr morning, Sat-Mon, then Tues-Xmas I'll be in Taipei. And well, I'm probably gna be too hungover to update throughout the Xmas period so... yeah... LOL. Hopefully I'll be able to snap some photos on my trip tmr!

With RC. Check this out, I'm wearing floral LOL.


Ashley, my first friend from college! And a really good friend for the past 2 years.


With Rena & Fish @ Timbre

Timbre has these screens all around the place and you can text the given number for your shoutout to be posted.

This is the doing of a very bored Rena. And guess what... 

we got a reply from a stranger LOL.



I have never seen this type of mask in my life. It has hooks that stretches from your chin to your ears & from the side of your face to your ears so you don't have to lie down with this mask on, it won't fall off! But I didn't really like it cos it was seriously SUPER TIGHT. I look like a pao. A mfucking ugly ass pao. But everyone looks ugly when they're trying to be pretty so it's ok.

Presenting you my make-up-less unglamorous photo with Bee!

MY LAST MEAL FROM LONG JOHN SILVER'S!!! (for the time being) The only LJS outlet I know of in Msia at Sunway have been replaced by Dunkin Donuts so my heart is really broken. I'm obsessed with LJS, why is it so yummy???? And fattening???


Dinner with Melvin @ Kuriya Penthouse, Orchard Central. 

THE TAMAGO HERE IS MIND-BLOWING. I would definitely visit this restaurant again for the Tamago. I love eggs, A LOT. We watched Silent Hill before dinner and I must say it is one of the worst/most boring/lame/predictable movies I've watched. I need really good gory movies, too sick of all these lame movies in the cinemas. 


My pile of unscanned instax with other friends... to be scanned soon lol.

I'm actually really excited now for:

1. Drinking with the bunch tonight.
2. Tattoo roadshow with a bunch of strangers for 3days.
3. Meeting my friends in Taiwan!

I actually thought my last post on Sg will be a very wordy and sentimental one but I'm really not in the mood to get all mushy now so maybe next time... LOL as if I'll do it the next time.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, December 11

Post-A-Levels II

Greetings from Malaysia!

Gangnam Style is blasting from my radio now so I'm getting extremely irritated, but I'm also too lazy to take two steps off my bed and turn the damn thing off. I WILL CUT A BITCH IF GANGNAM STYLE PLAYS AGAIN WHEN I'M CLUBBING. It is about time this hype dies off completely from the surface of earth.

Ok it feels really weird blogging about my holidays in Singapore now that I am in Malaysia, I'm feeling really nostalgic and sentimental now because although I just met these friends a couple of days ago, I know that I won't be seeing them anytime soon : ^( 

Managed to catch up with Kaymin despite having a slight fever HAHAHA I'm so scared of missing my friends that I just HAVE to drag myself out of bed and meet everyone I'll miss! She got a helix piercing that day, which reminded me to re-pierce my tragus and many many other closed piercings... Btw I don't think I'm getting my beloved Medusa piercing anymore for the time being : ^( My momma believes in all kinds of weird-ass fengshui shizz and apparently it means hell to her if I 'disfigure' my face. So basically I can pierce and tattoo my entire body as long as my face stays as it is... ... right. I'm a really goodie and respectful daughter (HAHAHAHA) so I shall not get a Medusa piercing... for the time being, LOL. Gna fucking pierce it the moment I leave Msia again HAHAHHA.

Kaymin, my tiny friend!

We were at ION heading to this Ramen place and suddenly this really tall angmoh dude ran (RAN, LIKE RAN) towards me and tugged my arm right before we entered the store. He looked really flustered and told me, "I just saw you just now and I wanna tell you that you're really beautiful"  O.O   O.O   O.O   I was stunned cos he was pretty loud and it was a crowded place so there were passer-bys looking at us. Then it just became fucking awkward so I quickly thanked him and entered the store LOL. I'm not really a shy girl but that was just fucking awkward! 

Now do you see what I mean by Kaymin is really tiny? Her face is even smaller than the bowl....

Even tinier than the tiny Xmas tree...

Dear Orchard Road I'm going to miss you! And of course Kaymin too LOL.

Had dinner with my darling VC at Mozza, MBS!

We had dinner at Mozza last year around the same time too, the food is as good as good gets, thank you VC! I love you too much!

Someone please tell me what is this, I don't remember the name of this appetizer at all. The cheese here is really some mouth watering good stuff. I can really see myself marrying a dairyman in the future HAHAHA. I am so in love with dairy products! Propose to me with cheese and your chances of getting an 'I DO!!!' multiplies ten fold.

Met up with Val for another round of Zouk after that! And surprise surprise, I met Mr. Stranger again that night too LOL. Btw, that was the last time I ever saw Mr. Stranger, so I never got to tell him how creepy I am/ he is.


Met with Jordan for dinner! I knew him back in 2007 when I was living in HCIBS (Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School). I barely made friends with most of the St. Nicks girls in HCIBS but I'm glad I met other buddies like Jordan here. Glad to know he's doing really well after he got expelled from HCIBS HAHAHA.

Please don't think camwhoring is a girl thing. Jordan is seriously more of a pro than I am, and that says a lot considering how much I camwhore!

I really like this picture even though I look evil.

Marina Bay Sands is just way too pretty. Sorry my crappy camera doesn't do the beautiful lights any justice. It was my first time on the floating platform lol I'm so outdated... Jordan performed some dance routine there during YOG in 2010. I've got no idea if I'm actually allowed to enter the area though lol...


Another friend that I'll definitely miss A LOT. Our bitching sessions are definitely the best because Jordan is fucking funny lol.

Alright I guess this post is already pretty long so hopefully I'll be able to wrap up my holidays in Sg in the next post! Been 'busy' chilling with my buddies here in Subang. Bye!

Sunday, December 9

Post-A-Levels I

HELLO! I'm here to finally start updating on my post-As activities. I'm actually leaving Singapore tmr morning and I only had 1-2hours of sleep the day before thanks to last minute packing (horrifuckingble) but I can just sleep in the car right so might as well make full use of my broadband now... since I still have to pay for it, the contract ends in January 2013 argh! Please enjoy my 10000000 photos.

EXAMS ARE FINALLY OUT!  Celebrated our freedom at Zouk on 28th Nov, one day after my last paper (Art) and that was also when I bumped into Mr. Stranger there LOL.

L to R : Ernest, Valerie, Habib, Rena, Teehee, Khai, GSJ
K wtf my eyes like mega small in these photos... time to embrace Asian eyes.

This photo was taken after clubbing (with GSJ judging me) while the photo above this was before clubbing.

Just to show you guys, I really LOVE my make-up primer because my make-up seriously doesn't budge at all after a whole night of sweating. Gna be a nice girl and introduce the primer I use, elf's Eyelid Primer which only costs below S$5 from smoochiezz!

 Tried to get a few more of them before I head back to Msia but smoochiezz seem to have ran out of them recently : ^( If you manage to find 'em you should mail me a couple.


Managed to spend some time with my friends from Art (OK I ALMOST SAID ART FRIENDS AND THAT SOUNDS LIKE A LAME JOKE) too! Finally we can actually go out to have a PROPER meal where we can sit down and chit chat. 

Our life prior to Art submission was absolute hell. Our teachers will always guilt trip us if we just SIT DOWN to have a meal in the canteen, so we're always eating cup noodles in the Art room or packing food from the canteen so we can work & eat simultaneously. I drank a dozen of RedBulls and slept an average of about 1.5 hours/day for a week prior to the submission deadline. Right after submission, we went for dinner and I FELL ASLEEP EATING MY MAC & CHEESE LOL. I really really LOVE Mac & Cheese but I just completely died during the meal, now you know how terribly torturous the lives of Art students are.

Being the Arty people that we are, we went to visit Ng Eng Teng (a Singaporean artist which likes using plenty of phallic symbols in his sculptures LOLOLOL)'s house before it got torn down. I took some photos but they're really lame so I rather post photos of my face instead. You would prefer my face too right?

HsinWei, YY, TEEHEE, Audrey, Xinyu. 
Missing : John is somewhere in Hokkaido.

We just whippppped out our camera and camwhore like crazy in public even though the barista was staring.

Hsin Wei giving those tits some tender lovin' care.

The girls

Oh and I saw this on the way to Ng Eng Teng's house. Isn't it fucking lame?! Or am I the only one that finds it amusing as hell.

Looking for Ng Eng Teng's house (oh btw he alr passed away, that's why the house is being torn down) was really the worst workout ever. I got lost, took multiple wrong turns, and basically navigated alone along Joo Chiat for almost an hour. I had Google maps with me but I'm fucking bad with directions so I was sweating like a dog looking for the house and for some reason everyone I approached didn't know how to locate the house either. I probably lost 0.01kg during my adventure.

Ok I'm gna throw in camwhore photos from our second outing here, too lazy for a second post teehee.

Oh look at my lovely fans behind me.

I got sick last week and for some weird reason my skin became amazingly clear (although it usually is already pretty clear heeheehee). Makes me wanna fall sick more often now. GOOD SKIN IS A GOOD PRICE TO PAY.

Hsinwei ruined my photo here....

Do you think this smiley denim shirt looks spastic? I actually bought it in the end HAHAHA. I fucking love it, super cute. Imma wear it to death these days!

Something wrong with my face....

Somewhere along the way, Hsinwei couldn't survive our 237162172hours of shopping so he left earlier. Poor guy stuck with us girls since John is missing. If I actually manage to afford the crazy school fees in London plus accommodation, hopefully all of us will end up doing Art together again in London! 

I have about 2 or 3 more posts coming up so stay tuned guys, see you in Malaysia!