Sunday, August 5

Brother & Brunch

So, despite how badly I should be studying this weekend, my brother & mother dropped by so I ended up spending the day at MBS.

Brunch at Coffee Bean (of all places in MBS...) cos we couldn't come to a common agreement LOL. My brother wanted to eat at Carnivore for brunch like wtf. Plus, I hate meat so it's a huge no no no.

Extremely unhealthy breakfast.

Some Russian promoter actually asked me if my brother was my boyfriend today.

Okay kidding. Since some people actually think we look kinda alike (when we obviously don't wtf)

Anyway it was a terribly fattening outing today cos I've been literally eating throughout the entire day since I met them. Oh my god imma look really horrible in my final work for my art project, cos it sorta involves me posing for my own installation background. Thank goodness for Photoshop, I've never been more grateful.

Anyway, my eldest brother bought a new phone so I got his old phone! WOOHOO FINALLY I CAN DUMP THE SHITTY HTC I'VE BEEN USING FOR MONTHS!!! His old phone happens to be the same phone I had which got stolen back in March, just that it comes in pink and not black. Oh the irony that my brother is the one using the same phone in BRIGHT PINK. And my other brother has the same phone in white LOL. Unintentionally matchy matchy siblings!


I'll never get a new phone unless this baby gets stolen (choi!) again, I simply love it too much! Sorry guys I'm never getting an iphone, XPERIA Arc is the best damn thing for me.