Tuesday, January 29

Rave parties!


Updating on the rave parties I attended last last week - Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour and We Love Asia! Alright I'm not gna pretend and go on proclaiming I'm the biggest fan of SHM/ Steve Aoki/ Redfoo but I'm gna say both events were such a fucking blast! 


18th January!

Very grainy photo of Meiting & I...

We had some pre-drinks somewhere in Sunway before we headed for SHM. Was with the usual bunch plus Habib which actually dropped by KL from Singapore and came for SHM too! SHM tickets cost SGD150 in Singapore and RM153 in Malaysia by the way. Just saying if you went for the one in SG lol.

Stolen from Habib's instagram without permisson.

The laser lights at the Sunway surf beach were very very pretty! But I still think that the sound system was kinda 'mehhh. The music was insanely good but too bad we didn't experience any ear shattering bass cos of the sound system. Don't get me wrong, it was by no means bad, but I would just say that there was definitely room for improvement.

It was raining (pretty heavily at some point) during the concert but I guess it adds to the crazy atmosphere and it was a good way to cool us down! My curls were completely ruined by the rain -_- After SHM my brother drove down to KL for supper and sent Habib & co (LOL idk how to spell his friend's name sorry) back to their hotel. 



20th January!
I didn't go for the show on the 19th cos I only got the tickets on the 20th, free from my brother yaaayy!


Will you please look at the picture above. Can you see the two idiots wearing big afros in front. SO ANNOYING COS THEIR FREAKING WIG KEPT BLOCKING MY VIEW. And they kept bouncing and bouncing and bouncing throughout the performance.... wtf. To my surprise I actually knew every single song Redfoo performed plus all the lyrics to them (closet LMFAO fan lol). My brother was so disgusted by my knowledge in LMFAO songs. Oh well.

After Redfoo was...


My brother is this mega fan of Steve Aoki so we wriggled (wriggle wriggle wriggle yeaahhh ~ ~ ~) all the way to the front and had a good view of... his wonderful hair. Now that I have seen him in person, I must admit that I understand the whole hype about him being the Asian Jesus LOL. SUCH CHARM.

Steve Aoki is seriously a notorious performer. Throwing cakes in people's faces and spitting champagne in our hair. Then again everyone fights for his spit like it is holy water (confession: me too). There was a point where he threw an inflatable boat on the crowd and I thought he wanted to crowd surf. BUT NO, HE PICKED A RANDOM GIRL, CARRIED HER UP, THREW HER IN, WENT ON PERFORMING. LOL DAFUQ?!?! He just left the girl somewhere in the crowd... which was being carried away further and further from the stage... away from her friends.... yeaahhh....

He kept throwing bottles of water at the audiences too. One of which he drank from before throwing it at the sea of people...

.... and the brother is so fucking happy to have caught it. Blessed with Aoki's saliva, look at him beam.

By the way, the sound system here in Sepang is like... really fucking good. The screens beside the stage were super HD too. So you really get a very good view of the stage and close-ups of the performers, unlike most other locations that still use projectors instead. My unglam face appeared on the screen several times cos I was right beside the barricade where the videographer was situated lol. Eww.

With Wanyee & the champagne that Aoki threw at the audience!

With the brother after the concert! 

BY THE WAY, WHEN I SAY THE BROTHER, I MEAN MY BROTHER, LIKE MY BIOLOGICAL BROTHER THAT SHARES THE SAME PARENTS AS I DO. Not like my 'bro' my 'homie' no no no we are related by blood so he is not my boyfriend whatsoever ok I hope everyone's suspicions are cleared ewww stop making me say such things guys.

Alright I guess that ends my post on the rave parties I attended in 2013 so far! 

Tuesday, January 22

DIY Necklace Display

Hi, I've got literally nothing better to do these days since I've yet to apply for any uni and I don't plan to get a job either HAHAHA. So basically I hang around and get crafty besides eating and sleeping most of the day. 

I made this necklace display, inspired by my old cork board (click). So just scroll on if you're interested in the process, it's super simple.

Materials: Cork Board, Super glue, Pins, Gemstones/Beads/Any decorative items.

Optional: Thick fabric, Scissors, Double-sided tape

Ideally, get a cork board with a smooth & even wooden frame so you can paint directly on it. Alternatively, you can just glue fabric on the borders. I didn't have black fabric when I made this so I just painted the black on. Make do with whatever scrap you have lol.

1. Cut out strips of fabric (enough to cover up the entire frame of your board) and attach 2 strips of double-sided tape parallel to one another on the backside 

2. Fold the edges in NEATLY (or you can iron them down if you're not as lazy as I am!)

Paint the strips any colour you desire. I picked black because a dark colour helps to bring out the sparkle of my gemstones!

Glue it down neatly... As you can see, my cork board has uneven surfaces so I wanted to use the fabric to make the frame appear more uniform.

Ta-da! The black frame is finally complete!

Lay out all your gemstones & beads and start attaching them!

I stuck on tiny gemstones on the pins so they won't look so plain. I also stuck to one colour for all the pins so it won't look so cluttered.

When you're done, start stabbing your board and hang your necklaces!

Woohooo yayyyyyyy we're done!!!!

Now listen to this and celebrate,

Bye, I hope this was helpful!

Friday, January 18

Permed hair + 19th Birthday

Hi guys. I've finally touched my hair after about 3-4years of allowing it to grow like weed. Got my perm done but I haven't got my desired shave cos the hair dresser was being all horrified over shaving off my curls. Argh whatever I'm still going to shave them another time soon! 

Took this the day after I got the perm. 

It cost me RM375 for wash + cut + treatment + perm. I guess the price is quite reasonable since my hair falls under the 'extra long' category and I had to pay an additional cost. BUT I'm not exactly very satisfied cos the curls on my left are fucking CURLY but the curls on my right are like fucking limp.... even before I washed my hair for the first time... so it isn't my maintenance problem. Urgh so disgusting right lol so I have to always stick to a deep side part and pull all of my hair to one side to make it less obvious. And this also serves as another reason for me to shave off the right part (THE LIMP PART).

Ok besides about my hair, I turned 19 on 13th of Jan 2013. Yay... ...

 Oh how I fucking love this birthday dress. Do you know I bought it from Far East Plaza? LOL what an unglamorous place I know... This year's bday was uhm, simple. Had dinner with some close buddies. Most of them couldn't make it cos they were like out of town or something so yeah... sigh.

I know I look like some evil and scary bitch/witch here but... I'm just gna embrace it and wish that I will eventually get together with someone which looks as scary as Park Heung Soo from School 2013 (click) so we can make scary looking babies and let our presence terrorize the entire neighbourhood. That is my definition of a perfect life. Intimidating guys are such a turn on, no? Yes yes yes of course.

Dinner was at this riverside restaurant, Louisiana, which Mikhail suggested.

Meiting & Yokie

Meiting, Yokie, TKY, Mikhail, Leon, Ken

With Yokie after dinner. She has been my friend for 13years and counting. We have been really close since we were 6years old... omg is that fucking crazy or what LOL I even know her entire family by now. Besides my friends above, I wanna thank everyone that wished me, especially Pearlyn for the mini celebration & RC because she always gives me the most thoughtful presents 

Anyway I decided to get myself a birthday present (lol just an excuse to shop basically) this year,

 Got myself the VICE PALETTE from Urban Decay!


UNHINGED is definitely my favourite colour from the palette. An aquamarine colour with hints of gold glitter. PERFECT OMG.

Some people actually don't fancy buying eyeshadow palettes because they feel that they won't actually be using every single colour but I feel that palettes are really interesting because it introduces you to more colours that you wouldn't even have thought of trying. Be adventurous! (says the girl that stays in bed 15hours a day...) I love love love my UD Vice Palette so so so much. It is priced at RM199 in Sephora Malaysia but SGD88 in Sephora Singapore so please don't be stupid and buy it from Singapore if you're travelling between both countries... (generally just don't buy anything you can buy in Msia from Sg LOL)

Ending this post with a pic of the new coat/jacket I bought today. Had a surprisingly successful shopping spree today with the bros! Also, I'm repainting and redecorating my fucked up room this weekend yaaaay!

Going for Swedish House Mafia's concert tonight, woohoo bye bitches!

Thursday, January 3

Taiwan Trip

Sorry I won't be providing much details about my tip to Taiwan cos I was fucking bored/ tired almost the entire time LOL. Not because tw is boring but my tour guide was so damn fucking talkative, I had my earphones plugged in almost the entire time. 

I'll still definitely go back to tw one day again because:

& I do mean CHEAP because the products are about 1/2 the price it is sold in Singapore WTF
(and they have all sorts of Jap brands like Lavshuca! Plus they have the complete range of KATE products there omg /dies)

2. The 102964327 night markets there are in Taiwan
So basically I mean cheap foodfoodfoodfoodfoodfood which comes in a lot of variety. There's actually quite a lot to shop too in certain night markets, think : shoes, bags...

3. I wanna visit my friends there again : ^)

The only advice I'm going to give is that you shouldn't join any fucking tour and just roam around yourself because the entire Taipei is so accessible with their MRT system (which is very similar to Singapore). And if you're interested in visiting like the scenic areas and mountains in the outskirts... I'm giving you the wtf face now LOL.

First night

Went to some amusement park the next day. It wasn't amusing at fucking all LOL.

Basically it was so boring (fuck the tour) I was taking pictures of myself instead of doing anything LOL. And just when I was done cursing the place and losing hope in finding anything to amuse me, I stumbled upon this store in the park which sells...


So I bought a lot of shit Alpacas I don't need and started to regret 5mins after we left the store. If you didn't know, I have this sick obsession with Alpacas cos they're so damn adorafuckingble omg wtf why they so cute!!!!!

Moved on the some Monster Village aka tourist-scamming-spot-pls-don't-bother.

On the third day we went up this mountain- 杉林溪 and it was so bloody cold + windy I wanted to cut a bitch so badly. I was also in a terrible mood because I was starving since I didn't have any of the food provided by the tour. (One day I will do a blog post which lists out all the things that I don't eat. You will be fucking horrified by how picky I am LOL. My pickiness is unbeatable.) And the mart outside this ulu mountain hotel was CLOSED and only opens at 9pm so I forced my brother to camp outside of the mart playing with those lame machines which grabs toys with a clamp. We won a few toys with only a few tries btw HAHAHAHA /proud.

Pretending to be happy when it's 5 fucking degrees. We 'explored' the mountain the next morning in the fucking cold. Horrible.

Want to see my brother with an erected penis?





Don't know what's wrong with this mountain.

Moved on to some island which I don't remember very well because I talked my brother into sitting on some dirty stairs with me and we just sat there the whole time our tour group was 'exploring' the island LOL. Don't bother going on a holiday with me which involves a lot of physical activities, I'm too damn lazy to even walk HAHAHA.

After sitting down for about an hour we got up and left. HAHAHAHAHAHHAA.

Another temple I don't remember...

Met up with Charles on the last few days of my stay in tw. He brought me around Xi Men Ding and some other places (as if I can recall the names lol) like how a good tour guide should.

I actually really REALLY hate 滷肉飯 (braised pork rice) cos I find the fats really super chewy (disgusting!!!) but he brought me to a small store which served this and the fats literally melts in your mouth plus it didn't have a repulsive after-taste. I was pretty surprised that I actually found 滷肉飯 to be delicious for once! Charles, time to be proud of yourself if you're reading this.

Walking from day to night is really a super big deal to a sloth like me...

Charles, the vain-pot which was kind /coughcough enough to bring me around on the very day after he arrived tw. I bet he had to crack his head to come up with places to bring me too since he himself isn't in tw most of the time lol part-time Taiwanese. 

Thank you Charles!

For some stupid reason unbeknownst to me, my brother wanted to have Din Tai Fung on the last night we had in tw. Din Tai Fung is everywhere in Malaysia and Singapore plus it tastes THE SAME in tw. The queue was also super crazy long ohmygod why is it so popular?!?!?! So basically no point going to Din Tai Fung in tw if you tried it in My/Sg, no difference! 

I'm quite fascinated by the weird carrier 7-eleven in tw provides... 

By the way, the guy above is my brother, if you haven't realized by now. Whenever we go out shopping together (not by his own will of course), shopkeepers/ promoters always think we're a couple and will coax him to buy the product I'm looking at for me HAHAHAHA. 

But this time in tw I got super disgusted cos this chick told us we have 夫妻脸 (something like a married couple look)


So yeah please don't fucking say such things ever again in my presence. I really could feel all the hair on my arms standing when she said that & she didn't even believe us when we corrected her wtf /middle-finger-spammage. 

My favourite buys from this trip! Lady Gaga's FAME (about time I laid hands on this baby...) & a Gaga pin I found in a random store at the Shi Lin night market. OH yeah, perfume is also cheaper in tw. I have no idea why. I didn't buy a single piece of clothing from tw since they were selling mostly winter clothing, but my brother bought quite a number of shirts. Instead I bought a lot a lot a lot of make-up products lol I wanted to buy the entire KATE stand down.

So I guess that ends my lazy post on Taiwan!