Monday, February 25

Old Owi

Yoohoo, dropping a new post before I head to SG for a week tmr!
Had dinner with birthday boy Owi (in white) and the bunch at Milk & Butter before heading to Vertigo!
Waiter had shaky hands, oh well.
Had their Creamy Mushroom Penne and omfg the mushrooms were SO JUICY. Seriously it tastes impossibly yummy, almost fake LOL. I still didn't finish my pasta cos I'm growing increasingly lazy these days... to the point where I rather sleep off my hunger when I have to cook myself HAHAHA. So I actually grew to even hate chewing cos it's so energy consuming... Causing me to get tired after eating and thus another round of sleeping (read: comma). When I have to prepare my own meals in the future, I'll just throw vegetables and rice in a blender and drink up. I've always had plans to live and eat like that..
Last night was actually the first time I've ever step foot into Bianco since we always go to Nero, even though they are just side by side, inside the same club. And now I'm just wondering why the fuck have we been going to Nero instead?!!!? The crowd in Bianco is much more civilized and they play House. End of discussion, Bianco wins. Because House is still better than Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj combined.
Meiting & Yokie


Leon shoved the lightstick through his tunnel lol and I'm always the one shoving it for him EWW LOL.
Birhday boy getting ready for the nightttttt
 Bromance at its best.
 Thank you so much GSJ for helping me get the dress ♥ ;_; I love it so much.
Leon, Owi, Vincent, TKT, TKY
Last night was one of the craziest nights I had cos idk why we ended up partying with a bunch of strangers beside our table and a lot of wild things started to happen LOL. I just hope my face won't surface on Vertigo's video now cos I was out of my mind last night.... I woke up at 8pm today (welcome to Xia's healthy lifestyle!) and I still feel tired as hell but it's time to pack up for my SG trip!
Okay ending off this post with a retarded photo,
See you!!!!

Wednesday, February 20



I decided to revive my deviantart account.. slowly. I know it didn't happen the last time I said I would revive it (lol what to expect from a slug like me right) but I'm more serious this time. I was flipping through some old files (which explains why I started to upload outdated photos from 2010 on FB all of a sudden) and found some old drawings, which I decided to upload on deviantart. To my surprise, there were people that actually commented and favourite-d the work O_O

I haven't been posting my drawings for some time because I've started to feel very ashamed with my works compared to so many other artists out there which are far more superior than myself. Being harsh on myself is not a way I use to fish for compliments ok, it motivates me to strive further. But recently, I've been seeing all sorts of people posting up terribly ugly works online... I've been thinking hard on how should I convey how I feel about it through words, so let's use an analogy - It's like having a hideous fat chick flooding your timeline with photos of her in a skimpy bikini. THERE, I'VE SAID IT. Therefore it is now my mission to save the world by letting people know that not all 19 year olds that draw... draw like that. Yes.

Don't you LOVE the name? Credits to Yihang which came up with the name for me!

Ending off this post with a doodle I did back in 2010, probably when I was in class LOL. 
Medium: Uni Ball Signo DX 0.28

Someone on deviantart just gave me a Llama badge
*tears of fucking joy*

Tuesday, February 19


Something I found while clearing my old secondary school files. 
An inspiring quote from the amazing To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee.

I never bothered to make any Lit notes but spent my time copying quotes for fun instead LOL.

Friday, February 8

My two cents

Hi, it's gna be pretty short update today.

I just feel like reflecting a little on what I'm doing with my life right now. What a weird time to reflect because my head is throbbing... just came back from clubbing an hour ago wtf.

Earlier today I had dinner with my father and a few of his friends. One of my father's really good friend turned blind a few years ago due to severe food poisoning. He was telling us about his trip to the hospital for a check-up. He met 2 young guys while waiting for his turn, one was a dental graduate and the other was an engineer. Was. 

The story goes like this, the first guy's parents are both dentists and so naturally he picked dentistry so he can take over the family business one day. The dental graduate was celebrating his graduation with a bunch of friends so they got together for drinks. He went to sleep after the celebration and... he fell into a comma. Got out of the comma much later... blind. It could have been the drinks. Maybe the food? Maybe an allergic reaction? Maybe something else? Nobody really knows you see, he was the only guy out of all of his friends which encountered such tragedy when all of them drank the same drink. Freshly graduated, ready to enter dentistry, set to make his parents proud by taking over the business... Why? Why the fuck such things have to happen? He said he wanted to end his life when he first realized he went blind. And my father's friend said that was a feeling he could relate to, completely.

The second guy. He was an engineer. He was walking on the streets after work one day. Some vehicle crashed into him. He went unconscious. It was a hit and run. He woke up, blind

"He wanted to die too, very badly."

But today, these people are alive. Very much alive. They are working, they are contributing to society in a way that probably wasn't as they planned. But they are. Even after such a bitter encounter they managed to pull through. I can never imagine how difficult it must have been to overcome such a horrendous challenge. But I admire them from the very depths of my heart, because of such immeasurable strength that it must have took them to face the reality of having your vision completely taken away, and to step back into life full force, to make yourself functional and useful to your family, your friends and society once again. All over again.

Then I start to reflect on myself. 

I've been having this 'permanent holiday' for months already. I can't decide which university I want to head to, procrastinating when it comes to uni applications and even missing quite a few prospective uni deadlines. So I tell myself that I'm just taking my time to work on my portfolio. PORTFOLIO MY FUCKING ASS. I have barely made enough sketches or drawings to make myself satisfied with my progress in Art. For this entire 'holiday', I have yet to create a single piece of artwork which is worthy of even being considered a piece of work! What am I doing with myself, sleeping half of my life away and getting wasted probably more than I should. (I mean it's totally ok getting wasted every single day if it means I'm producing a new work everyday too, but I'm not.) I have a pair of functional eyes, which I am extremely grateful for. I have a roof above my head, food in the fridge, a bursting wardrobe, wonderful friends and countless things to allow me to live a comfortable life and I'm not even doing myself justice by being more productive. 

Ok a lot of self-loathe going on here LOL. But I just really need to rant... about myself. I'm utterly disappointed by my behaviour. My parents are not complaining about my lifestyle or anything, but I am. I'm kinda pissed now that I'm not taking my passion for Art seriously enough, not stretching the potential I might have in me and not making the fullest out of what I have. I am so blessed and I don't even deserve it!

During my preparation for my A-levels Art project, my Art teacher coaxed me into trying colour pencils. Something I have NEVER fancied. I never liked using colour pencils ever since I was a child cos I didn't like the effect I created with it, so I kept refusing her. But one day she just placed an entire box of Prismacolor colour pencils in my face, and told me to JUST TRY IT. 

I fell in love. INSTANTLY.

This was one of my first tries using Prismacolor colour pencils. 
(What do you expect from a hardcore Lady Gaga fan LOLOLOL. Fuck you if you don't like Mother Monster.)

I was set on buying these colour pencils until my teacher told me they were only sold in US and a few selected European countries, plus they cost a few hundred dollars... ... But being the bratty kid that I can be sometimes, I kept harping my father to get them for me. After months and MONTHS of relentless persuasion from yours truly, he agreed to get them for my birthday. We ordered them from eBay and this box of COLOUR PENCILS cost him 190USD.

I got them for about a week now. And guess what I did with them? NOTHING BUT MARVEL AT THE GREATNESS OF THESE COLOUR PENCILS. Now please tell me what the fuck is wrong with me for not picking up some paper and starting to draw/colour frantically because it's like I have finally united with my long lost lover which I have been whining about for months! Yet I've done nothing about it!!!

Okay I'm just so grossed out by myself that this supposedly short post have spiraled into a terribly long 'fuck you Xia!' themed post. Basically my point is just that.. let's not wait for some fucked up tragedy to crash on us before we realize how much we already have at this point of our life. We have so much! The fact that I'm not a handicap is already such a great blessing and shouldn't we just put all these blessings to good use! Make good use out of all your blessings and live a productive and purposeful life, while you have the chance. We don't want to wake up with regrets one day when any of these blessings have been taken away, we don't. So I think it's really time for me to count my blessings are live a more purposeful life.

I hope this long-ass post has somehow in a way or another helped you gain some insight even though I'm clueless on how to write a more constructive conclusion.

Good night.