Saturday, March 30

Sean O'Pry drawings

So I was looking at Sean O'Pry's photos online and I felt like drawing him... ... AGAIN. Previously I did a drawing of him using my Prismacolor colour pencils (below).

Since I decided to draw him again, I should at least try a different style using a different medium or else I'll get bored myself (actually that's not completely true.. Sean O'Pry is reaaaaally handsome...)

Moving on, I developed this 'style' of drawing glass when I was drawing perfume bottles for my A-levels project last year. Here goes a couple of photos for you to picture the 'style' I'm talking about. (I think you can click to enlarge, so you can see the details... if you're even interested : ^(  ...)


My references for these perfume bottles were really outdated women's magazines. But I guess you can guess what perfumes are these if you're a perfume whore. So instead of going for pointillism/ cross-hatching I just draw multiple lines following the contours of the surface & also going a lil' creative on the reflections since the reflections which appear on glass are never standard, they change as the environment changes : ^)

The photo I was  ogling at referencing to apply my 'style' on.

And the drawing begins...

And I didn't take anymore photos of the process cos my phone really sucks ahahhahaha.

End product.

(I tore the bottom part of the paper by accident -_- I always treat my drawings like shit lol the colour pencil version of Sean O'Pry has been lying face down in my bedroom for a week LOL)


Alright thank you for reading this post. I actually updated quicker than I imagined heehee. Please stay tuned for more goodies. Ooooh and please check out this band, the lead singer sounds orgasmic so sexy!

Bye bye bye bye bye baby!

Thursday, March 28

Earn it

Time to earn some.
Been procrastinating uni applications like crazzzzy. To the point where it is almost April and most applications have closed. Thankfully the uni I intend to attend  (in Hong Kong) still has its applications open till April.. which means I've got a handful of days to settle everything, fuck. I plan to only apply to one uni and if I'm rejected... I'll just try again next year. Lol.
I keep telling myself that I should blog about my A-Level art piece but heck there's so many photos that I get tired just thinking of it. But my project is really quite fun to blog about since there's tons and tons of retarded photoshoots where I am featured doing very spastic things, such as the photo below. Which is why I should bring myself to blog about it!
 See youUUuuUuUuuUuUuuUuu!

Tuesday, March 26

My March

Hi, I ought to apologize that from the last time I updated this space till about half an hour ago, I forgot I had a blog. LOL.
  Otw to work with Meiting : ^)
Basically I have been busy doing my usual sleeping and eating. AND I'VE BEEN WORKING, in case you missed my caption up there. I worked for a grand total of 5days but I managed to earn about RM1k. I planned to earn about RM1.5k then switch back to being a bag of lazy bones cos that's the amount I need for a new phone. But sadly I spent my first paycheck in ZARA & on an art book (which costs RM250 btw -.-) Oh yeah fuck me right. So back to square one to earn RM1.4k again LOL.
Last weekend I worked at Sepang for the 2013 F1 Grand Prix, BEST JOB EVER. Not gna disclose much about my job but the guests I had to work with were super super super friendly, I felt like I should pay them for the kind of treatment they gave me. Super grateful for the people I met there, what a pleasant surprise because I never thought that working would actually make me feel happy and it wasn't just the pay that motivated me to perform my best.

The weekend before F1 I was at Sepang too for ASOT #600 KL!
Photos all stolen from my brother's phone. I can't be bothered to even bring my phone to rave.
I've been looking forward to attending ASOT since I started listening to Armin and MY DREAM FINALLY CAME TRUE. I'm not a pro at evaluating EDM or anything but I must say I was extremely extremely impressed by just how MIND-BLOWING it was to hear Armin perform live. (Or should I say EAR-BLOWING lol) I had my eyes closed 70% of the time because I just wanted to thoroughly enjoy the music but out of the blue I noticed this really (read: INSANELY) handsome guy standing beside me and I got so damn distracted LOL. He started to chat with me and omg Armin I'm so sorry for being disrespectful to you lol, I could barely concentrate on the rest of ASOT after that -_- If you happen to be the guy I'm talking about please contact me because I forgot your name HAHAHA.
Wanyee & I after ASOT!
I bought the 2-day FMFA tickets, which includes ASOT#600 on Day 1 and other performances on the Day 2. But after ASOT I decided that I was too lazy to go anywhere, which was hypocritical since I went to a club after that anyway. The door price for the 2-day tickets were RM288 but my brother and I, being the stingy thrifty siblings, got them for RM140 from our secret sources and then I sold my Day 2 ticket for RM110 so basically I paid RM30 to go for ASOT#600. But I guess if you're a better businesswoman than me, you would have just got a guy to buy you the tickets and maybe dinner before FMFA and save even more money. LOL.
Ok it feels good that I finally updated even though it revolves around very pointless things. Now I can get back to drawing. Shall upload my new pen drawings soon (hahahaha did I use the word 'soon' lol...) Meanwhile, please be nice and check-out my album on Facebook which features my works. Like/share/comment to win an iPad!
 Haha, fuck you no I'm too stingy LOL.
No iPad but I will give you my blessings. HAHAHHA.