Sunday, May 26



I'm so happy because I'm not going for work tmr! (trying not to think about the work I'll have piled up on Tuesday...) I'm having my uni interview via Skype tmr woohoo. I'm not nervous bout it but I'm just worried the interviewers can't feel the full extent of my amazingness. Yes I'm so delusional that I choose to believe it is a school's lost if they won't take me in LOL. This also happens to be the first and only uni I've applied to & intend to apply to so wish me luck.

Anyway on a random note I've been seeing this particular necklace on like every damn fashion blog and I finally got to scratch my itch of getting it last Friday HALLELUJAH! It's soooo pweeettyyyy!

Wore it to Zouk on Friday & no photos because it's impossible to take photos in Zouk KL, smokey as fuck! 

Clubs in Singapore have a separate smoking room within the club so everyone else won't have to go home with their hair smelling like shit. As much I like how this keeps me smelling less awful after clubbing, it's still fucking inconvenient for the smokers and the non-smokers since they have to constantly go separate ways and end up spending less time together. So I guess I prefer clubs here even though I have to smell bad from spending time with people that smell bad HAHAHAHA.

Was supposed to meet up with Sam dropping by M'sia from Sg but he couldn't make it in the end, so my brother and I ended up shopping together. I'm the worst influence when it comes to shopping, because I believe that you should just buy whatever you fancy LOL. So if you like a particular shirt in both blue and purple... BUY BOTH! (I actually bought the chain above in silver as well lol, really look like dog chain but I like)

This is how we look on cam...
This is how we really behave...

My brother actually took this photo LOL I think I've found my new personal photographer. This shirt is forever sold out on Threadless, I bought it like 4 years ago so this is actually a really old shirt. From here.

When I first saw the snapback I wanted it very badly cos I thought it says 'MCB' behind. But by the time my brother alerted me it says 'CMB' instead of the vulgarity I had in mind, I was alr too attached to it to let it go, hence I bought it.

Btw I finally jumped on the Instagram bandwagon, so follow me if you happen to give a fuck yaaayyy.

Off to celebrate my father's bday now buhbyeeee!

Tuesday, May 21

Global Sound System 2013

I've been whining relentlessly about having nothing much to do and now... I have too much to do LOL. 2 weeks ago I took up an internship at some advertising/ branding company to learn more about designing and also to improve on my very very very shitty & limited knowledge on software like Photoshop/ Illustrator.

Honestly I used to HATE these software a lot and disrespect digital art but look at me now... a big portion of my A-levels work was done digitally with the help of studio photography, and now I'm interning just for the sake of refining these very skills I used to detest. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do in order to get where you wanna be one day. I don't have the balls to start out as a fine arts artist once I graduate so I'll probably take the commercial path and get enough dough in my pocket before I take on that risky road... Not just about the ballsy part, I need to be financial stable so as to not be a burden to others too right. Oh god since when I put so much proper thought into my future lol  //embarrassed.

Btw working in an office made me realize that :

1. I can be severely socially awkward
2. I never want to ever work in an office ever again

SO I PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY AND I'LL WORK MY ASS OFF THAT I'LL BE ABLE TO GO FREELANCE ONCE I GRADUATE. Please, no offices environments ever again. My boss & colleagues are really nice but I'm just so NOT cut out for this.

Sorry I seem to be talking a lot in my blog these days LOL nahhhh let me givveee you piccas!

Kudos to Owi we had VIP tickets to GSS (not Great Singapore Sale). It wasn't some to-die-for rave like ASOT#600, but raves are all pretty good anyway! How can you go wrong with good music, good sound system & good company. Plus being VIP was like the highlight cos we could take a rest at the VIP area when we're tired, there were also too many drinks for us to finish throughout the night.

Owi the douchebag of the night, Leon, myself, Vincent. 
The instax shots were also taken by the attendants at the VIP area and given to us for free, how cute.

& the d-bag Owi decided it would be nice to let me have the shot of the guys without me...

Photo by the organizer which turned out pretty nice heehee. 

 I just remembered to blog about GSS today cos someone sent me this link, cos I'm in the GSS after-movie. If you have nothing better to do you can try and spot me LOL, it's quite easy since my tattoo is very obvious in the video.

Ending off with some photos from last Friday night @ Vertigo Club. After I started working I really understand how wonderful the term TGIF is. Btw got a new phone, Xperia TX & I'm loving it!


Wednesday, May 8

My girls

 Hey Ho Hellooo. 

My life has been pointless like a broken pencil these days cos I'm very confused by all the uni admission shit (I know other people my age were concerned about this like months ago lol.... fuck) so I'm just chilling and rolling in my bed all day living in denial that I won't have to ever face admissions. 

Went out with the girls for a change today though! Had lunch @ Publika, WHICH IS LIKE NEAR MONT KIARA, BUT I DIDN'T HAPPEN TO SEE ANY GOOD LOOKING DUDE WHICH WORKS IN MAYBANK (refer to this if you're lost).

Clockwise : Rachel, Karyan, Meiting

Seriously anyone can tell there's barely any resemblance between our faces (besides like maybe the fact that we're chinese -.-?) But when we work or go out together random people will actually question us if we are sisters. I really don't think we look alike, in fact I look a lot more like Megan Fox right? How come nobody pointed that out yet???

Ok moving on, photos of the pirated Megan Fox coming your way. Took these shots for like job castings but decided to post em here anyway to neutralize the unglamness of my face in the previous post LOL.



No this is not an #OOTD photo. This is my casting photo. I will only take OOTD photos if I'm carrying a $10k Chloe bag over my shoulder. Or like maybe something else worth showing off like maybe I'm hanging off's shoulder like a bag.

Since you've been nice enough to scan through my pirated Megan Fox photos, here goes another one I drew.

Done in colour pencil last year for my project.

Btw I spent my election day baking happily while the entire nation was raging over politics which I can't be bothered to give half a fuck about. LOOK AT MY PRETTY CUPCAKES! I actually hate Nutella. So I spread them on for photography purposes, then scraped 'em off before I ate them HAHAHAHAHA.

Ok this weird pointless post is getting too long. Let's end it off with my fucking tired face after drawing Omar Borkan Al Gala (OMG BITCHES CAN YOU BELIEVE I REMEMBERED HIS FULL NAME LOL) for like an entire day. The drawing remains incomplete -_-

One more thing, do yourself a favour and listen to this. You won't regret it.

I guarantee.

Sunday, May 5

My face

Hi. Let's look at my face. Cos I feel like it. I realize I haven't really used my laptop's webcam since like... years ago LOL (maaan I forgot it has a webcam? .... ). Speaking of my laptop, I really love it because all my previous laptops lasted for an average of 1 year before it breaks down completely for no apparent reason. I'm just shit with all these gadgets, PHONES ESPECIALLY. 

Btw I'm thinking of getting the Xperia TX, for a very simple reason, it comes in HOT PINK and the graphics are pretty! 
(the only 2 things I look for in a phone...)

Nope I'm not shallow, I'm just a very.. visual person. Yknow how I do art and stuff right, visuals are very important to me heh heh heh.

 Ok now picspam!!!

Ok bye!

(wanted to blog about the recent rave but... lazy... *yawns*)