Friday, June 28

June 2013

Hey.... goodness this blog have turned into a space updated monthly LOL sorry. 

I've been busy, LEGIT BUSY. Like not busy rolling in my bed but busy working and dealing with important stuff, heh. After I left my full-time internship at an advertising firm, I moved on to doing freelance jobs cos the pay is definitely much much higher. Besides that, I wanted a more flexible schedule so I can run some errands/ meet friends in between my working days COS IF YOU HAVEN'T REALIZE, I'M LEAVING MALAAAYSIA IN LESS THAN TWO MONTHS OMAGUD. 

I got into Hong Kong Design Institute and I'm probably flying off to HK this August awwwyeaaa beeechasss. Can't wait to live in a Cantonese speaking land ching chong ling long lalalalalalala.


Dash Berlin @ Sepang
My brother actually said he wanted to attend every single rave event this year but in the end I am the one attending all the rave events lol. Managed to get a hold on many many tickets this time round. I really love concerts because selling tickets have always been my best source of side-income even when I was living in SG.

Lighting in the car was seriously too good I had to take this pic otw to Sepang. Ok following photos all stolen from instagram.

 Owi, Vincent (wtf that arm doing around me?!), Terence, Leon


With Jasmine!

Ok to be honest this was done almost purely for photography purposes. I was so fucking terrified I got off almost immediately after this was taken T_T See how good I am at posing, smile until show teeth all like I'm really enjoying HAHAHAHA.

*pops random cheap champagne*

My fresh and excited face before getting the tattoo. Compare with my after tattoo face later -_-

Oh goodness the tattooing process was so fucking uncomfortable! It wasn't painful at all but my left toes kept TWITCHING like wtf?! Shouldn't my arm be hurting instead? Damn man now I know that my nerves from my arm are connected all the way to my... toes... If you look at the photo properly you'll notice that I was using my right calve to squash/force my left foot down so my fucking toes will stop twitching omg. I had to resist the urge to scratch my toes (eww right I know, just ruined my image) every 5 seconds during the tattooing process T_T

Ta-da! I look so fucking tired.

Anyway, I got my tattoo done at Pink Tattoos (click for website) which I highly recommend because I am super satisfied with the tattoo artist's design alteration and execution. My tattoo is very detailed and it looks really beautiful up-close, the lines she tattooed are so clean and precise, which is exactly why I decided on getting my tattoo from her despite not knowing anyone in person which have been to her studio. I was just googling for Malaysian tattoo parlors, browsing through their galleries and this studio really caught my eye.

My previous tattoos were done in SG from a parlor recommended by a friend and I REALLY REGRET IT. I do not regret getting the tattoo but I regret going to that particular parlor because 1. They overprice their tattoos 2. The lines weren't smooth, you can see uneven thickness throughout the lines 3. The fucking tattooist blamed ME on it, claiming that I moved during the execution, What the fuck? I know very damn well that I have pretty high pain tolerance and there's no way I would have moved (especially impossible for me have kept moving throughout the entire process right -.-) when I'm getting a tattoo, I'm not fucking stupid, no way I'd allow myself to move and get my tattoo ruined.

Ok end of rant LOL. I shall take a nicer up-close shot of my tattoo when I'm less lazy teehee.

Here goes random camwhore pic with my new bag in a beautiful fuchsia colour. Been really crazy over pink-red-purple tones all my life, I wish that I can have a tinted vision of the world where everything is only in these colours LOL.

Check check check out my chioooo nails (which I painted while working LOL). 
Btw I created instagram, my username is MOZZARELLAX so yeah follow if you please.

Off to some (hopefully) nice villa to celebrate Meiting & TKT's birthday tmr WOOHOO. 
Finally a getaway with the bunch, me is very excited, bye!

Tuesday, June 25