Saturday, August 3

SG July

Hi, I'm finally back in Subang. But not for long. I'm actually very excited to leave and finally start using my brain again. These few months have been highly unproductive and very damaging towards my organs lol.

I spent last week in Penang and the week before in Singapore. The Penang trip was really impromptu and I barely knew the bulk of the people going but I went ahead anyway, because my life here is seriously boring and repetitive.

Visual vomit of my SG trip ahead!

With YY, my host for the entire week!


Kaymin & Rena

Kengyi & Perpetua



Audrey why you so tall...

Joel's OCS Social Night



With YY & Jane, which never fails to unleash the most unglamorous side of me.


Pearlyn & Rena

One week isn't enough for me to catch up with all the friends I made throughout my 6 years stay in Singapore. I left for Singapore when I was still 12 years old back in 2006 and there was where I learned all sorts of useful and useless things, met the best and the worst people in my life so far. I know I should be grateful that I even have a social life when I get back to Malaysia since I never attended high school here, but I still feel like even the people I felt closest to have transformed into acquaintances now. I guess this is what time does to people. I'm always so excited to go to Singapore even after my scholarship is over but now I'm starting to wonder if one day I'll lose all reason to revisit Singapore since it's only normal for friends to drift further and further apart. Insecure emo bitch mode is kicking in now, I can't help these thoughts lol.

Bye bye bye bye bye.