Sunday, September 22

Photography Class

Hello, I haven't been in the mood to take any pictures lately hence the lack of updates.Over the week, I managed to grow balls and switched my course to Visual Arts ( I was in Visual Communication previously ). So it means that I'll have to get to know my classmates all over again and hopefully preserve some of the friends I made from my ex-class.... fat chance. We just got to know each other : ^(

Here goes some photographs taken during our photography lesson last week. I suck at taking photos so I was the default model.




And my favourite shot,

Before you go off please take a listen to this amazing song. I hope to hear it in a club one day,


Tuesday, September 10

Useless HK update

Hello! My prayers have been answered, I was granted... FRIENDS. About time.

Right after my whiny post about my friendless state on Thursday evening, I actually met people that I can actually connect with (read: converse in English with) on Thursday night! Hallelujah. 

Been going out continuously ever since because I absolutely HATE having no plans. I just need plans, be it a purposeful outing or just wandering on the streets, it still beats wallowing in self-pity in my room. I've been bringing my camera around but ended up with a grand total of zero photos cos I'm still busy absorbing the environment myself.

My life before Friday,

My first outing on Friday,

As you can see. I am no longer complaining about life. Life is very good. I am pretty contented with my life now. But I can't say the same for school because I still haven't made a single friend in my course LOL. Oh god why... do I really look that frightening?! I've been trying very hard to keep smiling but I feel like my coursemates have been shunning away/ avoiding eye contact with me wtf.

Just another photo from my instagram to show you how most of Hong Kong looks like!


Thursday, September 5

Hi Hong Kong + My Farewell

Hello, currently typing this in my new dorm in Hong Kong. The fact that I'm sitting here patiently updating my blog is a good indication that I really have nothing better to do. Well, HK is... fine? I guess...? If you actually... have friends...? Which... I don't? SO, YEAH. Currently I'm friendless, desperately trying to recall how I used to make friends when I first went to Singapore. Actually I don't think I really did try to make friends, people is Saint Nicks were just unbearably friendly so I was never lonely lol, my concerns were mostly along the lines of 'omg dude pls I need space'. & when I went to college I just glued myself to Yingyu, which was also glad to glue herself right back at me HAHAHA. 

...Oh fuck I really don't remember how to make friends, plus I ain't the sociable type to start with. Being sociable in the club never equates to being able to socialize in a school environment so yeah, I'm fucked.

The weather in HK has been terrible since I arrived. RAIN RAIN RAIN non-stop for days man. Okay not literally non-stop but it has been raining more than half the day for everyday. So I basically sit on my bed and gaze at the ugly sky all day, wondering if I'll ever make friends *cue music - All by myself* 

Okay to torture myself further, imma blog about my pretty farewell party last Friday and reminisce the good times...

First off, a big THANK YOU to Owi my bff4evazzz for organizing the farewell and tolerating my bratty tantrums! Loveyaaaa.

MY GURRRLS$$ Yokie, Yiva & Meiting

 Vincent, Kaiyang & TKT. Where is Leon?!!?!?


Drunk face x2


Terence & CK


Aww bear hug

Jun, Zack & Kaiyang

Oh there you are, Leon! Plus Jeyson & drunk Alex.

Zenweii and Yokie plus the rest. Leon is Chinese by the way LOL. #justsaying

Owi and Kantha makes an appearance...

Ok no more pics, she's drunk!

Was at Butter Factory down in SG last Wednesday, slacked through Thursday and on Friday I headed back to KL for my own farewell. I can't believe it has been a week since the farewell. My life here right now is just... fucking boring LOL. OMG FRIENDS, WRU?!?!?! Tmr is already Friday and I'm pretty sure I won't be partying it up in Lankwaifung... yet...unless I go solo....should I.....? LOL

Ending off with a photo of myself trying to open my eyes as big as possible to make-up for the absence of make-up. 
Byebye gaiz. I hope I make friends soon. Life is lonely.