Thursday, November 14

Settling down

Hello. I realize I haven't really did a proper post since I moved to Hong Kong. So here goes a really image heavy post and some thoughts I have about my new home so far. Images are a mix my random snapshots from my phone and some shots from my photography class.

Let's start with the place I'm currently residing - Pok Fu Lam


Pok Fu Lam is at least an hour away from my campus (if I'm lucky) via public transport so going for 8.30am class is seriously a complete bitch. The reason why I'm residing in this godforsaken place now is because I live in a dormitory now. Thank goodness I found a good place right in front of my campus though, so I will be moving out next year! Yaaayyy more time to sleep!

I took quite some time to get accustomed to attending classes again since my body clock prior to arriving HK is totally fucked, waking up at 9pm at night was seriously a norm to me back then LOL. I turned up in class in a completely grumpy mood the first few weeks but I guess I'm pretty alright now, even waking up at 6am to jog before class on days that I feel crazy. And also cook when I'm feeling adventurous. My cooking is disgusting by the way.

My classmates are generally pretty nice. Yeah, I just used the word 'nice'. 'Nice' is a word you use when you don't know what else to say. That's exactly how I feel about most of my classmates for the time being since everything is still pretty superficial, we don't exactly have time to even get to know each other on a more personal level yet considering the increasing workload... 

But I must say my impression of the locals have changed drastically since I came. WHEN I FIRST CAME, I THOUGHT THE LOCALS ARE A FUCKING RUDE BUNCH. I was basically dismissed rudely whenever I asked for directions and omg HK cab drivers are motherfucking assholes that YELL at passengers wtf?! I'm not sure if it's because I had really bad luck with people in the beginning because now I seldom meet as many rude people on the streets anymore. Or maybe my tolerance towards rudeness have increased drastically LOL. I'm grateful my classmates are really friendly when I need help, they really do look out for me after they have learned about how insanely lazy and absent minded I can be in class.

A really interesting photo Cesar took for his assignment and I hope I didn't need to explain that I'm supposed to look badass.

Last month there was a tattoo convention in Hong Kong and I decided to pop by to check out the artworks and... I went to get another pair of tattoos LOL. I always had these tattoos in mind but I honestly didn't expect myself to get them on that very night. But I am so glad I did, met the nicest bunch of Taiwanese tattoo artists that gave me 2 free tattoos and in return I only had to help them do some simple translation when there are English or Cantonese speaking customers! WHAT A GREAT DEAL RIGHT? Now I also have more friends to bring me around the next time I go to Taiwan yayyyy! If you're interested, Needle Power (click!) did my new tattoos. The Taiwanese people both in and out of Taiwan have always given me a really good impression because of how friendly and extremely polite they are, maybe I should just move there after I'm done with HK.

With Edward & Grace!


Grace & I 'working' at the tattoo booth. Oh by the way when I was having my tattoo done, Daniel Wu literally just walked into the booth out of the blue. And I was just like oh....he is... whaaaat?!?! LOL. My tattoo artist had to leave me awkwardly hanging there and attend to him for a bit before coming back to me. Met a huge celebrity within the first month of moving to HK, not bad!

Lazy Xia is going to end this post with today's camwhore photos with Grace, Edward, Nora. Somehow my skin has gotten used to the low humidity level here and is starting to look good again awwwwyeaaaah. I still wake up with cracked and bleeding lips though :(

Till next time!