Sunday, January 19

NYE of 2014 + Visitors!

Hi, finally working on this waaaay overdue post since I'm still wide awake at 2pm after a long night of partying. No idea why I switched on my reflective mode by accident and now there's waaay too many thoughts bombarding my mind, HOW TO SLEEP???

Okay anyway, back to NYE! My first time spending New Year's in Hong Kong! Or let's just say my first time spending NYE somewhere besides Malaysia. December has always been my favourite month of the year since I'll be in Malaysia and that's when I get to meet all my friends there and probably meet some new people. However I was pretty fucking sad this year LOL. Cos I am one lazy fuck that is too lazy to leave the house, plus the cold only makes it worse! Until Rena & Kaymin came to drag me out of my misery... all the way from Singapore! After they left I went back into hibernation LOL. 

Didn't even have any NYE plans till approx 3 hours before countdown LOL. Had dinner with Cesar before he left for Korea. Oh my god Causeway Bay was such a huge mess on NYE!!!! Word of advice, never go there on NYE evening/night!

Us in our natural habitat.

Yay awkward smile...

On Xmas eve I saw this drunk girl hobbling around outside the club and went to join her cos I was bloody high lol. And that's how I met Wing! We ended up spending our NYE countdown together with her bunch at the Central Pier drinking and watching fireworks!

With Wing, Manho, Celine & Rick!
I swear I am fit to be a skincare ambassador man look at how amazing my skin is these days LOL

This is the first time I actually watched fireworks on NYE in like 10000 years, cos every other NYE was spent in some sort of club. Needless to say, I was in the club after the fireworks were over LOL.

wow my expression is so gross I'm judging myself

On 5th January, RC came to visit me! Yayy another break from my misery lol.

 Being the lousy tour guide that I am, all we did was eat and chill....

RC looking all stressed out trying to read Chinese lol I think my Chinese improved soooo much ever since I came to HK. Both Mandarin and Cantonese, verbal and written form.

And I brought RC to my favourite place in HK. I hope you're not surprised it isn't a club or my bed. I LOVE THE SEA. But I'm not really a fan of beaches, sand is sooo grossss.

Sorry for being such a lousy tour guide RC, hope you'll still be my friend HAHAHA.

Also, more pictures of other friends that came to visit last December!

Jien & Guanyu!


I'm lucky that so many friends came to visit me in Hong Kong within this short period of my holiday. And sorry to those friends I didn't manage to meet due the clashing schedules : ^( Seriously the amount of friends that have visited me in Hong Kong so far is already more that the amount of friends that have visited me in Singapore. I've been in HK for only 6months and I was in Singapore for.... 6years.......... 

Well, go figure.

Till next time!

Friday, January 3

Rena & Kaymin's HK Adventure

YOOHOO guys.

Sorry for the horrifying emo outburst on my blog previously, I have recovered after being treated with LKF. Seriously I've been going to LKF 9 out of 10 days and tonight I'M HOMEEE! Just me and my laptop blogging about my bitches that came to HK to visit me last month omg I'm so luuuurved.

First of all shoutout to Jane for sending me this Xmas/Birthday present! 

Rena decided to come to HK and spend Xmas with me cos I've been a whiny bitch and she loves she. And literally 2 days before her trip, Kaymin decided to 离家出走 to Hong Kong LOL. So it was pretty impromptu but I AM SO GLAD THEY CAME. Or else I'd be wasting my life away sobbing in a corner of my empty apartment. 

My apartment is.... really white. I hate things being plain but my housemates like white so we kept it white.... until the day they left for vacation then I went to buy all sorts of colourful cushions LOL. Sorry Grace & Gris if you're reading this, don't be too horrified when you come home. I have wronged.. please have mercy...




Being the horrible good host that I am, I just brought her out for a meal then forced her to camwhore with me all night... lol.....


Seriously fucking love you guys for coming! Thank you for supporting Hot Gal HK Tour Agency Ltd. 
and selecting the Chill-and-do-nothing-but-camwhore Package for two!

Seriously it wasn't entirely my fault for not going anywhere interesting when they were around cos look at them behaving like the cushions I bought, lying on the floor motionlessly LOL.

Eh Rena why you so happy?

Oh cos you rich, enjoy counting cash like your 'relatives'

23rd Dec

This was the most productive day where we walked walked talked talked and ate non-stop the entire day!

Went to Tsim Sha Tsui & Causeway Bay omg wanted to cut a bitch so bad, mad crowded everywhere!

Christmas Eve!

 I wanted to go clubbing (like every other day of my life, what's new) but Kaymin was kinda reluctant. Being the idiotic friend that I am, we dragged her to LKF anyway. I feel kinda shit cos I remember clubbing w her for the first time in Singapore and made her dislike clubbing LOL. But I'm glad this time she was enjoying herself, ohyeaaaaaaa I finally redeemed myself!

Kaymin & Rena with Justin! When I was uploading this photo I was like wtf how come I didn't see champagne that night?! 
Where the hell did I go man.

Yaaayy I'm the only that don't look like a drunk slut here! LOL congrats guys!

Anyway now that you've seen the glam side of me, time to show you how I really behave late at night when I am not at LKF...........

I LOVE MY PINK VELVET PANTS. I really dress this way when I go out alone btw. I just love being super colourful when I go out at night (mostly alone cos nobody usually wants to accompany me when I look like this LOL). And the fact that I don't wear any make-up at this hour is enough to scare the living shit our of any passer-bys. Look at these 2 bitches wearing shorts out at night. 
I seriously don't get how they survive!!


I recall sleeping all day on Christmas till night time cos clubbing was too tiring. So basically I just opened the door and let Rena & Kaymin go shopping by themselves in the day LOL. I admit I'm a really shit host. I wonder if we are still friends now hahahahaha guys please don't leave me....

Oscar hosted a rooftop party and we were greeted by this go-go dancer aka Oscar then moment we arrived.

Merry Christmas Max! The only dog in the world that has gained my approval! (not like dogs give a fuck in general...)

In my half drunk state I managed to take a photo with Keith....... before I passed for like an hour LOL. Seriously I am terrible man, I spent more than half of the party unconscious on a couch while Rena & Kaymin were socializing with my friends ahahahha.

Well at least I did wake the fuck up towards the end of the party...

Oscar (far right) is damn handsome.

26th Dec, RENA's LAST DAY :(

We started the day off with a group picture and omg this passer-by is godsent. 


Even though I basically sent them off with a 'fuck off fuck off bye bye' I really miss them now sighh. So glad I met these girls in Singapore back in high school and became such close friends when we all were still ugly and lame. Look at us now! Still ugly and lame but we have grew to accept one another LOL. Despite 3 of us being in different continents, we're still pretty close I must say. I hope we can continue meeting up and being stupid together for years to come.