Monday, April 28

Hong Kong + Malaysia + Taiwan

Welcome back to the most neglected cyberspace in the universe!

Decided to do this visual vomit post cos I'll be leaving for Singapore tmr and Korea next so I know I'll be back with even more photos.... which will take another 10000 years to surface online considering my efficiency LOL.

Earlier this year, I attended a TRAM PARTY! 
There aren't any trams in Malaysia or Singapore so I was really excited for this tram party. Now that I take the tram almost on a daily basis, I really judge my previous self for behaving like an idiot on board during the party.

Winter was a bitch. That isn't even my scarf LOL, belonged to some kind stranger.

Grace and I.

During CNY I went back to Malaysia for a bit. But the amount of weight I gained was definitely not a bit lol. Seriously the amount of Malaysian food I miss.....

Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl I miss you.

Drinking session with my 'bodyguards' Mikhail, Vincent, Norman, Owi. (I am feeling very unfit now...)

In February/March I went for a very spontaneous trip to Taipei with Grace & Eve.

Vacationing with me is boring

Us girls with Wanbao, our tour guide and host. Which is also one of the nicest person I've met! Met him when I was getting my tattoo done in the Hong Kong Tattoo Convention last year. So glad I decided to be all #YOLO and got that tattoo that time lol.

Also, I finally chopped off my bloody long hair when I was in Taipei. Before & After,


Literally walked around town in hotel slippers after one extremely long night of club-hopping. Chao Ah Beng fashionista in the house.

Barbie cafe with Kenny. I REALLY WANTED TO DINE THERE BUT THESE 'FRIENDS' DENIED ME! I'm really sad just thinking about this. One day I will be back in Taipei and I will freaking stuff my face in this cafe.

To my horror, I barely took any photos during the trip so that's about it lol.

During March I went to Malaysia again for FMFA!

Kudos to RC, I've got complimentary tickets for Future Music Festival Asia 2014. Attended FMFA with Cheryl but I got to be honest, Armin VB is good but I felt that 2013 was still much much better.

A trip to Malaysia is never complete without eating what is possibly my favourite food on earth...

KLANG'S BAK KUT TEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to this photo I am now making myself a cup of instant noodles. I can cry just by looking at this glorious photo. Of course there are Malaysian restaurants serving BKT in Hong Kong but seriously nothing beats the BKT you find in Klang! Long live BKT.

I'm gonna abruptly sign off now since my noodles are ready.