Wednesday, September 3

Korea | May '14


Finally going to blog about my Korea trip back in ....... May LOL. And it's September now. After Seoul, I went to Bangkok, Malaysia and then Macau... my blog is really lagging behind sooo badly lol. And this is slowly becoming a travel blog hahaha.

Before I start talking about my trip, I just wanna say a huge thank you to my ex-housemate Grace for planning the ENTIRE trip! From booking the flight tickets and hotels to our daily itinerary. Basically I was so super busy in May from travelling and trying my best to rush with my other commitments that I had NO IDEA :

1. how long was I going to korea for
2. where was I staying
3. what am I going to do in Korea
4. how much my trip costs (thankfully it turned out cheap!)

Guys, this is what you call #YOLO. Hahahahahahha. I didn't even really know that Eve was going to fly to Korea from Japan to meet us! So yeah, I didn't even exactly know who was I going with LOL.

Grace and I took an evening flight and arrived our guesthouse in Gangnam past midnight as it was really far from the airport and the weather was so horrible. To our horror, the housekeeper was not in and we couldn't call the number he left at the entrance. Eve was asleep in the room (she arrived earlier since she flew from Japan) and wasn't picking up her phone either. So.............

............ we were homeless and spent the night in a nearby convenience store.


We managed to enter the guesthouse probably around 5AM and slept till late noon before we crawled out of bed for some lunch. Stumbled into this random bento place which is also in the Gangnam district.

The food was sooooooo delicious. We came back the next few days but it wasn't open anymore! I have no idea why it never opened again (lol dramatic) but I'm still grateful we managed to eat there once. It was one of the best meals we had despite the simplicity of it.

Next was going to Myeong Dong for shopping! I reluctantly bought a card to take the subway this time. Eve really wanted to take the subway when we were in Taipei. But being the ultimate Taxi Queen, I kept refusing to travel via any form of transportation besides taxi LOL. But since we were travelling quite a lot, plus taxi fare in Korea isn't cheap (comparable to HK but still cheaper than SG), I got a card, grrr.

Managed to buy our subway passes ourselves yay! I can actually read Korean because back in high school, my friend that sat beside me (Wenting, I'm talking about you) used to learn Korean during class so I picked up the pronunciations. Plus listening to my Korean friends converse really helped me understand Korean. Or maybe, I am just really smart.

Eve won this time. Of course she's happy. What's so nice about public transportation anyway, always crowded without seats pffft.

Being unapologetically inappropriate in public. That's the way to go, girls.

?!?!??! Eve wtf?

 Grace be like "Ewwww"

Is there any freaking body part left that you cannot surgically alter in Korea?

Korea is where them plastic babies are born.

We went clubbing on our second night (first one being spent in a convenience store..) at Octagon. Watched the girls pre-drink in a convenience store (omg dejavu, convenience store again) near the club. I don't need to pre-drink cos I can get drunk super easily LOL. 

Okay I must say that Octagon is super weird/special. Because they actually serve FOOD at their tables, unlike regular clubs that usually only serve drinks at their tables. By the way I really mean proper food like pasta, fried food and lobster (ikr wtf?) I guess this is good and bad. Good being that your friend who always give the excuse of having dinner before clubbing won't turn up late if you guys have dinner at the club directly. Bad would be you having a chance of making out with someone that has lobster breath. Eww? I mean that's worse than vodka breath right.

Anyway the night went well. Not my first time in Korea but it was my first time clubbing. If you are a guy, you really want to go clubbing in Korea. The girls are ridiculously pretty (large eyes, tiny pointy nose and HUGE BOOBS) despite looking alarmingly similar with one another. I guess it was a really interesting experience even for a girl lol.


The next day we went to a tea house (I don't remember where.....) to detox haha. It is a place called Tea Therapy (how apt) with a really nice ambiance to chill and have nice conversations.

They have a really unique selection of teas and you can buy tea bags here as well. Really loved the tea.

Look at my totally smashed face LOL. I won't even deny that I was wearing my pyjamas here. Couldn't be bothered to change or put on any make-up.

But when the sun went down......

We went clubbing again at Itaewon hahahahahha. I don't even remember what were the club names. It was literally a clubbing trip since we got back semi-drunk every night.


The 3rd day onward, I won. I freaking won okay because taxi always wins. We were taking the taxi everywhere we went woohoo!

Dong Dae Mun where the shopping continues!

Lunch was really really good at some restaurant where there was a HUGE dumpling on their signboard. The dumpling was really THE BOMBBBB. Try it if you see this place in Dong Dae Mun.

Btw the noodles photographed weren't meant for sharing. I finished the whole bowl plus the 3 large dumplings myself LOL #pig

Baes posing for camera

Hungry bae doesn't give a fuck.

Honestly I didn't find a lot of stuff to shop for in Dong Dae Mun. Or maybe it's just because I suck and I didn't know where to go. Either way, it's okay. We just went back to the guest house to get changed and go clubbing again LOL.

This time we went to a club named Syndrome, it was fully packed on that night because Ferry Corsten was spinning. We didn't know that but we managed to get in anyway because Eve bumped into the event manager outside a convenience store (ikr wtf is with convenience stores) and they became friends so he brought us in LOL.

Inside Syndrome, there is a pool where girls with gigantic boobs splash against one another while wearing attire that would make any man happy (besides their fathers I suppose). It was really a superb clubbing experience that night cos the DJ was amaaazing.


Last day in Korea! I changed my return ticket to a day earlier than Grave & Eve because I suddenly found out that my end of semester presentation was the next day (wtf I am so proud of myself) and I would fail my semester if I didn't turn up.....

So proud of myself for ordering from a menu written in Korean! Couldn't understand everything but I was able to read simple words like chicken, beef, fish, rice, fried noodles etc.

Went to Insa-dong after lunch. I guess this was my favourite place out of all the places we visited in Seoul. It is labelled as an "Art District" where people sell handmade craft and even paintings! There are also boutiques that sell rather interesting clothes as compared to Dong Dae Mun or Myeong Dong. Clothes here were definitely more pricey though.

Okay I think this candid photo is really super retarded. Here I am, wearing a romper with watercolour print while buying watercolour paintings LOL. Can you freaking tell already that I really love watercolour? Hahahahah, I don't personally use watercolour in my work though.

Despite being absolutely shit in the Korean language, I still managed to haggle for a heavily discounted price.

After having enough of Wifi in some random cafe, we headed back to Gangnam for dinner. Dinner was again very delicious. Is it me or Korean food is just fucking delicious in general? We dined at both fancy and cheap places and the food is just good everywhere in Seoul!

My last dinner with them before I head off to the airport alone.


Here comes the highlight of my entire Korea trip. My airport experience.

Because I had a last minute change of flight ticket, I didn't have much of a choice but to go for a flight to Hong Kong scheduled to depart around 3am. And since I was travelling alone, taxi fare would be ridiculously expensive. Thus, I settled on taking the subway. The last train departs before midnight so I had to begin my journey around 11pm.

You know how I always complain about subways being disgusting because they are always so crowded... I take back my words now. Look at this fucking empty train and me freaking out all by myself.....

I had to change lines and when I arrived my stop, then walk towards the airport alone.


Excuse me, can you spot a single human being in any of the photos above? I was all by myself in a foreign land with no wifi whatsoever and I didn't see a single person during my entire journey to the airport wtf! How come Korea is so bloody deserted at night in this area??????

I was really super freaked out cos everywhere was dark with super bright signs, and even music or adverts playing in some areas, but nobody at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept turning to look behind as though some weird creature would appear and pounce on me. Result from watching too many Korean horror movies fml.

After I entered the airport, I finally saw a few people (airport staff, mostly). But I had another problem.......

My flight delayed.................

.............. from 4am to 9.30am due to a rainstorm

Wtf am I supposed to do in an almost empty Korean airport from 11+pm to 9.30am alone...............

I was quite surprised horrified because almost all the shops in the airport were closed. Only 2 convenience stores (ARGH CONVENIENCE STORES AGAIN) close to my check-in counter was open. I couldn't sleep because I was super paranoid someone would steal my stuff even though there was literally nobody around LOL. I tried taking a stroll outside but it was super windy + rain + 10 degree celsius motherfucker.

In the end I went to the convenience store and spent an hour thinking which cup noodles should I buy. I didn't have much money left and I had to spend wisely. After deciding on the perfect cup noodle that would make my life regain some joy, I brought it to the counter and the cashier told me that the hot water dispenser isn't working..........




At this point I really wanted to go out in the cold and pay a taxi driver to run over me x100000 times.

I recovered from my cup noodles trauma and proceeded to another convenience store (urgh) that had a microwave. I thought this SPAM bento looked really yummy and decided to bet my life savings on it.

After opening the box, I was like okaaay this looks like shit but I should shove it in my mouth anyway....

The moment I picked up the "fried egg" I started to curse out loud (there weren't anyone in the airport anyway). Take a look at the photo above!!! They strategically placed the meat over the egg to give you an impression that your precious little egg is resting peacefully on a bed of rice. 


At this point I was literally at the brink of breaking down/ 崩溃. I couldn't find any magazines or newspaper to read. I was just reading the ingredient list of my SPAM bento again and again until 9am..... The airport's wifi service was as fast as a snail and it kept disconnecting. There weren't many areas where I could charge my phone conveniently either. It was literally the worst night of my life. At 9.30am I boarded the plane and arrived HK, then rushed to school immediately for my presentation at 2pm. I made it by the way hahahahhahahahah.

So in conclusion, Korea is a nice place for vacation as long as you don't have to spend 10 hours alone at the airport at night, then have a presentation to rush for, the moment you touchdown.