Thursday, November 13


Hello you.

Checking in alive to this dead blog.

I'm feeling good these days, better than I've ever been even though I've probably never been busier. I guess this is the reason why I was all depressed before this, how can you expect an over-achiever to just chill with plenty of free time doing nothing productive and feel happy?

Just sharing a few learning points I gathered over these months today. Back in March/April, I was dead set on leaving Hong Kong for Taipei because I found myself wasting time in my current school. Basically the course itself isn't challenging or competitive enough to my liking and for a stress-lover like myself, Year 1 was a nightmare for that reason. But due to some complications with my certs & documents, I was unable to apply for the uni in Taipei, hence I was devastated to be stuck in Hong Kong. During that time, many close friends here were leaving Hong Kong too because they were disappointed by the school. This was probably another factor that made me want to leave since their departure would leave me alone without any emotional support.

Well you might wonder, why on earth did I place myself in such an incompetent school in the first place? Back in 2013 after I graduated from Singapore, I was having a conflict with my father since he wasn't exactly approving of me pursuing art, so uni applications were dragged on till about June/July, and basically my current school was the ONLY school in Hong Kong still open for applications so I just went for it, instead of wasting another year being idle in Malaysia. (fact: I hate living in Malaysia for a prolonged period of time) I always thought that I could still transfer later on anyway, even if I don't enjoy the school.

SO back to my failure to move to Taiwan. A good friend of mine knew about my situation and gave me an advice that made me feel like a complete idiot. Well basically if you think your course sucks, shouldn't you be happy that you have more time to work on other projects? Seriously it's like a lightning bolt just struck me and I attained enlightenment that moment LOL. Omg man I've been through high-school and junior college complaining every single day that I don't have time to even work on personal art projects bla bla and now I've became this idiot way too used to spoon feeding that I forgot doing things at your own accord is clearly an option too.

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Over the past few months after I accepted my fate that Hong Kong will be my home for the next few years(?), things have been going great. I finally left my slumber days to maximize my 24hours every day. Cliche as it sounds, life is really just a matter of perspective. Don't like something? Make it a challenge to like it. Incapable of performing something? Challenge yourself to master it. I've been immersing myself in multiple competitions and projects both in and out of school just to make sure that they day I leave HK, I'll look back and feel proud of my accomplishments. I'm challenging myself to make my life here as enriching as possible, so instead of looking at the missed opportunities out of this city, I'll work on what I have and count my blessings.

Working on an exhibition in China + the final installation.

I remember back in 2012 when I went for a portfolio review with an American uni, I told the interviewer that even if I was granted a scholarship, I still wouldn't be able to afford the remaining fees for the 5 year course. She simply told me it's okay if I don't enroll into their obscenely expensive school, and that a prestigious school can offer you good education plus a good networking community. But at the end of the day, it's not about what the school gives you, but really just what you make out of your school. And that's really something every student should take note of if you think you're wasting time in class.

Ending off with my winning entry that was exhibition on the Avenue of Stars a few months back.

Bye Bye.