Saturday, August 29

Taiwan '15

My third year in a row going to Taiwan! Okay to be honest I don't get super excited to go over like I used to anymore but it's a very comforting feeling to visit friends there and the good food I enjoy here in Taiwan.

I'm gonna try my best to be totally useful this time and include names (plus links) of the places I went to! But because I'm still a lazy bitch, almost all the photos here are left unedited since I can't be bothered. Now you can see my unfiltered eyebags in all the photos LOL.


Hong Kong to Taipei is only an hour flight away so it's the closest getaway besides Macau, pretty cheap tickets too.

The moment we arrived the airport, Kelly (our friend) already brought us bubble milk tea! Milk tea everywhere tastes very different. When you compare milk tea from Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia or Hong Kong, they taste very very different and Taiwanese milk tea has to be my favourite because of the milk they use. Can't remember the brand I was drinking here but it's reaaaally gooood.

Dinner was Mongolian BBQ at 唐宮蒙古烤肉涮羊肉餐廳

This was quite an experience I must say. You basically go through a buffet selection of raw meat and vegetables plus different seasonings and oil, pass your raw food to the chef, then the chefs will 'stir-fry/BBQ' them over this huge ass scary looking fiery surface. The meat selection ranges from chicken to deer meat. Didn't have the balls to go for deer meat tho, creepy!

Holy Moly

After dinner we went for a massage at 指舞春秋, beautiful place. Following massage was MORE FOOD! Taiwan is after all all about night markets!

This was my first encounter with deep fried mushrooms. I was completely hooked from the first bite and sold my soul to the devil of calories boohoo.

fat bitch staring back at ya'

This was at Tong Hua Night market if I recall correctly. It was also my favourite night market among all those I have visited over the years. Just because they have the best deep fried mushrooms LOL.


So, from previous positive experiences of insanely good food all around Taiwan, Karl & I had this thought that all and any food in Taiwan is delicious. So we just randomly went to a nearby Chinese restaurant in Xi Men Ding for lunch.

It was................... pretty horrible.

Now, lesson learned. Google for reviews before you eat or rely on recommendations by locals. Being adventurous doesn't always pay off :( Why waste calories on shitty food?

After the shitty lunch we took a long train ride from Ximending to Dan Shui, and switched to a 30minutes taxi ride (about TWD350) to this super faraway cafe....... 

the interior looks nothing too fanciful..

everything looks pretty normal..... until....








To me, the long journey was completely worth it. This Alpaca Cafe was the highlight of my entire trip (or maybe on par with fried mushrooms). The cafe doesn't serve alpaca meat (much to Karl's dismay) but they do serve the generic cafe food like pasta and waffles etc. 

Alpacas really like carrots (like me) and humans (unlike me). They won't leave you alone, in the sense that they will poke around your stuff/ food looking for carrots to munch on. They are really REALLY tame though. No loud noises or hitting furniture, much more well behaved than kids these days. 

I thought this Edward looking alpaca here would smell bad at first but it turned out that alpacas don't really have a smell when they are clean. And their fur is sooooooo comfortable to touch.

After visiting Edward, we found this chocolate alpaca chilling outside. Dark skin with facial features squashed towards the middle, must be Jacob.

And then comes Bella.

Bella is very easily manipulated.

Alpacas are pretty co-operative when it comes to selfies.

If you're worried about travelling so far just for alpacas, behind the cafe is actually a pretty stunning sea view where there were people fishing. So maybe you could schedule a fishing activity following your alpaca visit.

Or you can be like me and just take some selfies by the sea and leave to go shopping because who gives a shit about fishing. Teehee.

After shopping we headed to the Shilin night market and died from severe food coma. End of day two.


Grace was in Taipei and brought me out for ....................


Omg this was seriously good. The shaving cream looking blanket on the pancakes were so yummy! And yes the black balls are the 'pearls' you find in milk tea although I thought they were blueberries at first lol.

The milk tea pancakes are worth a try at Belle Époque (link) But to be honest I didn't really enjoy their other food all that much. Everything else were like alright besides that special pancake.

When it comes to evening time..... back to night market food! I mean the point of going to Taiwan is to eat anyway. (besides alpaca visiting)

The infamous 大雕烧 products originated from Taiwan. Penis ice-cream for night market visitors and penis cakes and soaps as souvenirs for your friends. I bought a set of penis cakes for TWD 230 in the night market but it is sold for TWD 280 in malls so I suggest you to get em fresh from the night market stalls LOL. 

The cakes are hard and delicious. 

Roamed around Taipei the entire day with Grace and we had drinks at this really unknown place lol. When the bartender asked me what would I like to drink, I actually said 冬瓜茶 LOL. And he was at a total lost for words.

Taipei is filled with hidden spots for their celebrities to hang around. I remember meeting one of the members from S.H.E. when I came here the last time. Still waiting for my meeting with Wang Leehom that is never happening........

I was leaving Taiwan the next day so that was my last night in Taiwan. At 12.30am I decided that my trip would not be complete without saving deep-fried mushrooms and 冬瓜茶 at least one more time.

Took a taxi back to Tong Hua Night Market and bought the biggest bag of fried mushrooms available. It isn't advisable to head to night markets this late tho since about half of the stores were already closed. I just had to take the risk cos fried mushrooms are my calling.

(can't believe they have the audacity to advertise deep fried stuff as healthy LOL)

B A E  💜  💜  💜

Do yourself  favour and try these sinful babies. You won't regeret the taste, only the calories.


My skin condition had never been better (excluding my baby era). Been adhering to the beauty advice of vain Taiwanese girls to consume collagen supplements daily. GIRLS (or some of u guys lol), GO GET YOUR COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS. It will change your life. I'm serious. You won't have to use foundation anymore!

On the last day we went to my favourite food place in Taiwan. 

萬國酸菜麵 ! LOVE THIS 

Dry and soup version. It's very very fragrant and not sour at all, despite the name.

They sell out by late noon so you have to go earlier! It can be pretty tricky trying to spot this place because it is literally hidden behind a shop. But trust me YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS PLACE. It is the best thing to eat (next to fried mushrooms LOL).

When I was done eating, I sat back and just started observing the place. There were plenty of people walking about the store, but there was something peculiar in the store.....

can you see it?

Now can you see it??


This was really strange. Where did this bunny come from?!?! LOL SO CUTE. The owner probably threw her bunny here to take care of itself so he is just chilling there under the table watching me eat LOL. So well-behaved. Maybe it's because this bunny eats 酸菜麵 too.

Headed to Xiang Shan after lunch because Grace lied to me that there were good cakes here (THERE ARE NO GOOD CAKES HERE). This is the area near Taipei 101.

Meet Grace, my friend who lied about cakes and has difficulty opening her eyes in selfies.

Expectation VS Reality

Karl and I pretty much rushed to the airport after our second lunch (lol fat life) for another lunch (lol fat as fuck life). So that sums up my trip to Taiwan this month! When you're attached, it seems like your trips are more fruitful ... so many daytime outdoor activities as opposed to a club-sleep-repeat trip. Because honestly who enjoys partying with their partners LOL.

Okay BYE.

Monday, July 13

dilemma 867371983712

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I really need to write some stuff here cos I need to pretend that someone is actually listening to my rants. Speaking of writing, I haven't been physically writing with a pen and paper for so long that my hand-writing is so awful now wtf. Thank goodness I still can draw but honestly writing became a legit challenge in my life wtf is going onnnnnn.

Okay rant is about to begin. This year has been really really boring to be honest, as compared to what was going on in my life last year. Last year was all about spending all my money and not giving a fuck, but this year is all about stressing about money and my future. I mean yeah I need to grow up and stuff. Probably everyone around my age has to go through this annoying wtf am I doing/ going to do with my life phase, but knowing that everyone else is going through it doesn't make it feel any better okaaay.

First of all, where am I supposed to go?

Hong Kong is where I currently am. But my visa is expiring soon so I got to get my ass hired ASAP to get a working visa. But speaking of work... I'm so damn picky even when I have no right to be all that picky lol -_- I know I can study instead since student visa will be granted automatically once you vomit out the humongous sum of school fees for any institution here. But did you know that the school fees for a non-local student in HK is x3 the price of a local student? So yeah I rather use the money to buy a lot of expensive truffle chips. A degree from a 'good design school' won't be as impressive as a good portfolio anyway............... but when comes the day I am jobless after multiple failed job interviews, my balls will probably shrink and I will blame myself for having the balls to step into the workforce full-time before getting a degree........

On the other hand, HK is honestly not all that good for creative work... it's so damn suffocating in here. The hectic lifestyle and constant reminder that everything in life comes with a hefty price tag makes it difficult not to be a slave to money and focus on art.

But then again here is the part where I wonder if I should try harder or leave this toxic city. An analogy would be being in a shitty relationship where you find your partner to be a semi-dickhead, not a total dickhead, so you're not sure if you should try harder to makes things work and wait for a better change or just say fuck you goodbye to this relationship.

Okay so using the same analogy, there's still Singapore and Malaysia. Malaysia being my puppy love that induces intense eye rolls when I imagine myself back there. And Singapore being my most recent ex that I might still have feelings for. But you know what they say, 好马不吃回头草 !  

I left because it was the end of a chapter and I shouldn't go back to that tiny island. 
Time to venture further and move on with life............ right?

Tuesday, April 14

A phase

"It's not going to be an easy phase for you" a friend told me last night. "So be prepared because it is going to be worse than you think"

Within 12 hours from our conversation, I already lost it multiple times. Literally every aspect of my life decided to fuck me up at the same time. Am I overreacting? No I don't fucking think so. A human being's basic fucking need is to have food and shelter, and I am losing my apartment in 2 weeks without a Plan B. If I just get a ticket and flay off, where do I dump my furniture? How about classes? Will I still graduate? 

And when it comes to my job..... oh my god my boss is literally the biggest scumbag in human history. Holy motherfucker. Businessmen and their pay cut urgghhhh fucker.

To be able to do what you want while being paid what you want is literally the most challenging thing I've tried in my life. I want to learn while I work and earn good money at the same time. Does that sound way too idealistic to you? Well I am still going to go on with that mindset, but reality really slaps you in the face when you have to pay rent and buy groceries sigh.

That being said, this is just a phase. And after this phase I'll be more badass than before.