Tuesday, April 14

A phase

"It's not going to be an easy phase for you" a friend told me last night. "So be prepared because it is going to be worse than you think"

Within 12 hours from our conversation, I already lost it multiple times. Literally every aspect of my life decided to fuck me up at the same time. Am I overreacting? No I don't fucking think so. A human being's basic fucking need is to have food and shelter, and I am losing my apartment in 2 weeks without a Plan B. If I just get a ticket and flay off, where do I dump my furniture? How about classes? Will I still graduate? 

And when it comes to my job..... oh my god my boss is literally the biggest scumbag in human history. Holy motherfucker. Businessmen and their pay cut urgghhhh fucker.

To be able to do what you want while being paid what you want is literally the most challenging thing I've tried in my life. I want to learn while I work and earn good money at the same time. Does that sound way too idealistic to you? Well I am still going to go on with that mindset, but reality really slaps you in the face when you have to pay rent and buy groceries sigh.

That being said, this is just a phase. And after this phase I'll be more badass than before.

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