Sunday, March 26

Being a girl

Haven't been on this platform for a whole year now but today I am here, to rant. 
To fucking RANT.

I can't say I have decades of working experience under my belt, but the past few years of working at various places had been quite frustrating honestly. And the frustrations stem for my GENDER of all things. It really is surprising, or should I say shocking that there are still employers who behave like fucking 1600BC chauvinistic pigs, discriminating employees based on gender.

I'm gonna talk about my first experience with this fuckery.

When I was still living in Hong Kong (this was 2014/2015), I landed a job I really enjoyed (fashion design related). I got the chance to do plenty of creative design work with a fun loving staff body, plus the pay was good. 

But ultimately I quit because of my boss. 

When it came to winning over clients, there was a healthy competition between the staff to produce proposals for our boss to select. However, I was very often dismissed completely from even being introduced to the brief itself. The company's staff members were almost all guys and I started to see why. Female staff never stayed in the company for long, as they were always being dismissed from opportunities unfairly. The boss would often regard the projects as 'a guy's work' because they required long working hours, so he would pass on projects to only the male staff, and only expect proposals from them. I would have to force myself to be extra vocal and question his decisions, pleading for reconsideration on his part. This was because he treated me differently, he treated me as a female, a girl. And by different, I'm not done with that part yet. Sure I miss out on opportunities to work on projects I'm passionate about, but he offers me other things. Such as exclusive invitations to wine and dine with him after working hours, to go on lavish dates over the weekends. Well, last I checked, I didn't include "inclusive of escort services" on my fucking CV. If I wanted to earn money via dick stroking, I wouldn't have applied for a job in that company in the first place.

Fast forward to 2017, I've had other similar experiences at work. Being dismissed from opportunities due to explicit gender discrimination, but also being offered 'perks' aka absurd fuckery from perverted bosses. Mind you, I don't report to work in a low-cut see through top and thigh high slits down my skirt (not that it should matter actually, since I work in the design field) so why the fuck does shit keep hitting my ceiling fan?!?!?!??!?!!!

Of course not 100% of the time that when I work, shit like these happen. I had a very happy working experience once when my employer was a woman, and the other time when my employer was a gay man. Honestly tho, what the fuck tho. Why tho. Why. Just why.

For now, I'm not employed under any company. I've only been doing freelance graphic design and illustration work. The only contact required is via the internet, e-mailing clients back and forth. And it has been a great relief. I work under the name XIA. XIA can be a girl or an old uncle, who the fuck cares, as long as XIA gets the job done on time. And shouldn't it be that way?

p/s this is not some "FEMINISTS UNITE!!1!!!" post, this post is a reminder that u shouldn't behave like a sexual predator/ discriminating asshole at work cos you might miss out on having the chance to work with awesome talents like myself.